Burning Instructions for Sintendo

The following burning instructions are specific to Sintendo Beta v0.10 (when it becomes available) and Sintendo Beta v0.10 Pre-release Beta Test version (until the full Beta v0.10 becomes available)

Burning Sintendo is a two step process. First, the directory(s) must be prepared, then they must be burning to a CD-R using specific programs.

Step 1: Setting up the Directories

Setting up the directories for Sintendo Beta v0.10

Step 2: Burning to CD-R

Burning to CD-R with Nero (Bootloader required - Allows multisession)
Burning to CD-R with CDRECORD (Self-booting - Multisession unavailable)

Alternatively, CD-Rs used for old Sintendo releases may be used and the new version may be Multi-sessioned atop the old release with only a few changes.

Multi-sessioning old Sintendo releases using Nero

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