Many of the links here had been lost due to multiple server re-uploads, and wereno longer locally available on my hard drive. Thanks go out to DC_CODER for providing me with these files. A few of the older files still remain lost, if any one has copies of these files, please email me at, and I can perhaps arrange a way to get these files so that they may again be available for download. Thank you.


Sintendo Downloads
Current Emulator Download Current Source Download

Sintendo Beta v0.10 - Prerelease version 2
(1,479,561 bytes)
Pre-release Beta test copy - version 2

Sintendo Beta v0.10
(1,479,678 bytes)
Pre-release Beta test copy

Sintendo Source - August 18, 2001
(2,946,685 bytes)

Archive Emulator Downloads Archive Source Downloads
Sintendo Build #209
(984,962 bytes)
Improved version of Sintendo Beta v0.02
Sintendo Build #209 Source
(2,263,380 bytes)
Sintendo Beta v0.02
(988,269 bytes)
Sintendo Source
(2,263,947 bytes)
Last Updated October 31, 2000
Sintendo Beta v0.01
(988,284 bytes)
Sintendo Beta v0.01 Source
(432,578 bytes)

Sintendo Build #56
(1,117,110 bytes)
Controller Input Sample

Sintendo Build #34
(2,129,132 bytes)
Slideshow Sample

Sintendo Build #34 Source (DOWN)
(4,365,568 bytes)

Sintendo Build #15 (DOWN)
(29,696 bytes)
DirectDraw Initialization Sample

Sintendo Build #15 Source (DOWN)
(15,142 bytes)


CDRECORD is required to burn a Self-booting version of Sintendo. CDRECORD plus all the support utilities you will require can be downloaded from the following link.

CDRECORD + Support Files (510,121 bytes)

Windows CE Libraries

The Windows CE files are required to burn Sintendo and have it run properly on the Dreamcast. Please follow the link below and read the full disclaimer before downloading these libraries.

Windows CE Libraries (DOWN)

Recent Sources

[stable]: code is tested and should compile/run.
[unstable]: code should compile but may/will not run.
[incomplete]: code will not compile.

August 18, 2001 [stable] (2,946,685 bytes)
May 1, 2001 [unstable: runs but not well] (2,388,494 bytes)
April 24, 2001
[stable] (4,760,782 bytes)
April 19, 2001 [stable] (2,370,137 bytes)

Snes9x Source Downloads
Snes9x v1.32 Source
(601, 820 bytes)
Snes9x v1.29 Win32 Source
(802,953 bytes)

Other Downloads of Interest

(68,768 bytes)
Converts PVR files into PNG files for viewing

Pvr Texture Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
(154,376 bytes)
Photoshop plugin for saving and opening PVR files

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