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Please do not send me email regarding the illegal distribution of copyright material, including, but not limited to, DC ISOs, SNES ROMs, or the Windows CE runtime libraries. I will not respond to such emails. All other emails will be responded to as I see fit. Please know that I am a busy person with little time to respond to every email I receive. I will try to respond to all questions or suggestions concerning the development of Sintendo, but then again, only as I see fit. You can be assured that I do read every email I receive. Please also refrain from emailing me concerning problems you are having with burning Sintendo, please use the forums for this purpose, which I do check regularly and respond to problems which include adequete information. Adequete information means more than just "Sintendo doesn't work, help me." But rather specific information about how you went about burning Sintendo and the exact error message or location at which Sintendo crashed. One last note, I do not field questions related to other emulators and their problems, do not email me concerning these emulators unless your question relates directly to Sintendo.

Without further ado, my email address:

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